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Ciro’s Books publishes books about Las Vegas history, the Flamingo Hotel, gangsters and organized crime, and Hollywood’s fabled Golden Era. It also publishes books on National Voting.

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The Man Who Invented Las Vegas The Monks Son How Would You Vote One Person One Vote

In praise of The Man Who Invented Las Vegas

“Wilkerson III writes quite well, and the book is worth the attention of those interested in Vegas history. Wilkerson’s own role in Las Vegas, while fascinating, pales next to his part in the social history of Hollywood, and his son should set about filling in the blanks in that historical record as soon as possible.”
Scott Eyman, The Palm Beach Post

“W.R. Wilkerson III, effectively limns the portrait of a man in thrall to an addiction as all-consuming as crack… a compelling drama.”
Ellen Jaffe-Gill, The Hollywood Reporter

“Very well-documented story…the book is a short read, interesting and chock-full of Strip history.”
Ruthe Deskin, Las Vegas Sun

In praise of The Monk’s Son

“A compelling, inclusive and readable story… first-class in style and unique in its portrayal of good versus evil.  The Monk’s Son illuminates with its treatment of human issues and motivations…”
ForeWord Five Star Review

“Echoes of Hermann Hesse’s Narcissus and Goldmund…the provactive descriptions anchor the tale firmly…serene prose, charged action, and sensuality of characters…the author offers an intriguing glimpse into the inner lives of these two uncompromising men.  Entertaining and emotionally raw.”

“Many moments of delight and insight into the human soul…Bravo, Mr. Wilkerson”
Cup O’ Books

In praise of How Would You Vote If You Were Allowed To?

“Wilkerson is a gem of a writer – lucid and fair…Describes the way that democracy should work – and could work if we gave it a chance…It’s a great book and a great cause.”
Robert Lacey, historian and bestselling author

“You cite many interesting examples in your attempt to prove that every vote counts.”
U.S. Senator, Jim Bunning, Kentucky

“Our current electoral system does not make the individual voters feel that their voice is heard.  This well-written and reader-friendly offers an alternative method of voting that ensures the will of the majority is carried out.  This book shows young people that every votes does matter…so they are more likely to participate.”
Mahtash Esfandiari, Ph.D, professor UCLA, social science researcher, educational consultant

In praise of One Person, One Vote

“I’d love to see this book issued required reading for high school students… It’s a great resource for anyone who sees flaws in our current voting systems…I have already quoted Wilkerson’s thoughts several times in personal conversation over the last few weeks.”
Kat Nania, the Editor-in-Chief of Third Coast Press, a Chicago-based Internet publication that is currently read by more than 20,000 people each month.